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Dr. Sam Omar

Clinical Director US Office

Sam Omar is a dentist, implantologist and an award winning international speaker with a big passion for digital dentistry and implantology.


Through the past seven years Sam has worked together with multiple global companies developing softwares and new cutting edge technology to help dentists all over the world improve their clinical practice and better serve their patients.

He is also the director and senior lecturer at OneDay International Academy for digital dentistry, where he teaches digital oral design, treatment planning and computer guided dentistry.


Provide dentists with information about implants guided surgery.

Review radiographs and CT scans and formulate treatment plans for patients over CT scans.

Present and discuss treatment plans online with Dentists and Labs using advanced diagnostic tools.

Help Dentists treatment plan their cases from a surgical and restorative point of view.

He worked with Megagen Implant Co. It. digital department as a manager in the R2 development and education department and a digital products specialist from October 2017 until January 2022.

Helped in developing R2GATE and Digital Oral Design Software.

Education & training of clinicians & technicians on planning softwares & guided surgery through international lectures and hands on workshops.

Create educational material about digital products and softwares to be posted on online platforms.

Clinically Test and review digital products.

Test and Review digital CAD/CAM libraries.

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Since 2017 until present Sam has given over a 100 Trainings and lectures in over 20 countries on the topics of Digital dentistry, Guided surgery and immediate loading/One day implants. 

Cristian Butnarasu

Clinical Director Europe Office

Cristian was graduated from MSC in biocompatible substances, materials and systems (Bucharest University) back in 2014

He worked at MSC in dental laboratory technology (Bucharest University) from 2014 till 2016


He worked as a dental laboratory technician from 2014 till present.


He is specialized in CAD/CAM systems, 3D scanning, printing and guided surgery devices.


He’s also R2Gate guided surgery partner.

Cris is a MegaGen implant dental speaker since March 2017 till present.  


Cris have a huge experience in CAD/CAM design, 3D printing for dentistry, digital workflow CAD/CAM, Workflow All on 4  and All on 6, Lecturer and trainer in Guided surgery & MINEC Knight.

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