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NEW ID SMILE (Stackable Surgical Guide)

Stackable surgical guides offer numerous benefits when used in dental full arch cases. Firstly, they provide a high level of precision and accuracy during implant placement. The stackable design allows for a sequential placement of implants, ensuring optimal alignment and angulation. This helps to achieve a more predictable and successful outcome, reducing the risk of complications and improving overall treatment efficiency.

Another advantage is the flexibility they offer in terms of treatment planning. Dentists can customize the guides based on individual patient needs and specific implant positions. The ability to stack multiple guides allows for precise control over the depth and trajectory of each implant, resulting in a more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing final restoration.

Furthermore, stackable surgical guides simplify the surgical process, making it less time-consuming and more streamlined. With a clear visualization of the planned implant positions, dentists can perform the procedure with greater confidence and accuracy, reducing the overall chair time for the patient. This also leads to improved patient comfort and satisfaction, as the procedure is carried out efficiently and with minimal invasiveness.

The stackable guides also facilitate better communication and collaboration between the dental team. By visualizing the treatment plan, all members involved can have a comprehensive understanding of the proposed implant positions, ensuring a coordinated approach. This promotes interdisciplinary teamwork and enhances the overall quality of care provided to the patient.

In conclusion, the benefits of using stackable surgical guides in dental full arch cases are significant. They provide precision, customization, efficiency, and improved communication, resulting in successful outcomes, reduced chair time, and enhanced patient satisfaction. By incorporating this technology into implant placement procedures, dentists can elevate the level of care and deliver optimal results for their patients.


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2.Digital Intraoral Scan Upper & Lower or PVS Impression and Bite

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